G-Tech BBox(Buttonbox) for SimHub

G-Tech BBox(Buttonbox) for SimHub 2.0

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Seeing as changing the resolution made me redo almost the whole thing i made a new one from scratch. It is now 1280x720 and works both on phones, tablets. Tested it to make sure.

Put the "Imagelibrary" folder inside your SimHub install folder.

Hope you enjoy :)
2020-08-19 19_25_39-BOXV2.0.png
2020-08-19 19_26_30-BOXV2.0.png
2020-08-19 19_27_58-BOXV2.0.png
2020-08-19 19_29_09-BOXV2.0.png
Added my entire imagelibrary folder with the .png files.
Added folder with all the .png files. Put the content of the SimHub folder inside your install location for SimHub.
Updated version with numbers showing TC, ABS and Brake bias numbers.


Will update with Engine map number as soon as i figure out how to make it show correct.