G-Tech BBox(Buttonbox) for SimHub

G-Tech BBox(Buttonbox) for SimHub 2.0

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A button box for ACC, tried it on my phone and on an Ipad.

With Tyre info and brake temperature.

For it to work out of the "box" you have to have the following keyboard bindings ingame.

Ignition - S
Start Engine - D
Wiper - W
Light stages - H
Flasher - F
Traction Control - +O, -L
ABS - +A, -Z
Brakie Bias - +N, -B
Engine Map - +U, -J
Seat Position - Forward - Numpad 8
Backwards - Numpad 2
Left - Numpad 4
Right - Numpad 6
UP - Pageup
Down - Pagedown

2020-08-18 22_51_40-G-Tech BBox.png

2020-08-18 22_54_38-G-Tech BBox.png
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