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funselektor's van AG-5abine 5chmitz 5y5tems.

funselektor's van AG-5abine 5chmitz 5y5tems. 1.0

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"Legendary driver Sabine Schmitz was a test driver, and eventually director of living-van project, at AG-Systems.
One day, by no known reason, she became obsessed with going around the Nürburgring under 7 minutes in a FSvan (aka: funselektor's van, aka: Transit).
This van was produced based on her final prototype in which she accomplished the time of 6:43.942!
That prototype serves now as a memorial to her departure in an AG-Systems museum... in the world of racing."

Small livery and story as my personal digital memorial.
R.I.P. - Sabine "Queen of the Nürburgring" Schmitz - 16 March 2021

funselektor's van Sabine Schmitz memorial livery inspired on Wipeout series team AG-Systems.

The archive contains 3 file sizes:
1024, 2048, 4096 (for the really close photos).
Each size is inside a different folder of the archive.

There is also 3 versions per size: clean, normal, race.

On the photo I'm showing: rally version @ 4096px.

s01.png s02.png s03.png
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