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Formula Truck 2015 Season 1.0

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MOD Formula Truck 2015 By JG V1.0

2015 Season MOD for Game Formula Truck 2013


Fords: Rafael Bourscheid Wagner
Volvo 333: Plynio Rego
All Other: JG

This MOD is for exclusive use in Game Formula Truck 2013 V1.25

Installing this mod is without prejudice and does not interfere with the original truck game. It will create the item, "Formula Truck 2015".

By being independent, he has the option of creating the following servers
- Only season 2009 (if instaled)
- Only season 2010 (if instaled)
- Only season 2011 (if instaled)
- Only season 2012 (if instaled)
- Only season 2013
- Only season 2014 (if instaled)
- Only season 2015

copy GameData and Rfm folders to the main game folder (Steam or Non-Steam)
If you have any other MOD installed rfm delete any file in the folder rfm and only let the file ftruck09-15.rfm
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    FTruck 2015-11-29 20-33-00-69.jpg
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  • FTruck 2015-11-29 20-33-20-90.jpg
    FTruck 2015-11-29 20-33-20-90.jpg
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  • FTruck 2015-11-29 20-33-30-31.jpg
    FTruck 2015-11-29 20-33-30-31.jpg
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  • FTruck 2015-11-29 20-33-41-12.jpg
    FTruck 2015-11-29 20-33-41-12.jpg
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  • FTruck 2015-11-29 20-34-03-11.jpg
    FTruck 2015-11-29 20-34-03-11.jpg
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  • FTruck 2015-11-29 20-34-17-43.jpg
    FTruck 2015-11-29 20-34-17-43.jpg
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