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Formula Retro Gen 2 - 1978/79 historic liveries full skin pack 0.98

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Cars available in the pack (version 0.98):

Lotus 79:
#5: Mario Andretti (1978 John Player Team Lotus)
#6: Ronnie Peterson (1978 John Player Team Lotus)
#55: Jean-Pierre Jarier (1978 John Player Team Lotus)
#1: Mario Andretti (1979 Martini Racing Team Lotus)
#2: Carlos Reutemann (1979 Martini Racing Team Lotus)
#31: Héctor Rebaque (1979 Team Rebaque)

Formula Retro Gen2 (Shadow DN9/B)
#16: Hans-Joachim Stuck (1978 Shadow Racing Team)
#17: Clay Regazzoni (1978 Shadow Racing Team)
#35: Riccardo Patrese (1978 Arrows Racing Team)
#36: Rolf Stommelen (1978 Arrows Racing Team)
#15: Jean-Pierre Jabouille (1979 Equipe Renult Elf)
#16: René Arnoux (1979 Equipe Renult Elf)
#17: Jan Lammers (1979 Shadow Racing Team)
#18: Elio de Angelis (1979 Shadow Racing Team)
#20: James Hunt (1979 Olympus Cameras Wolf Racing)
#24: Arturo Merzario (1979 Team Merzario)
#27: Alan Jones (1979 Albilad-Saudia Racing Team - Williams)
#28: Clay Regazzoni (1979 Albilad-Saudia Racing Team - Williams)

All Formula Retro Gen 2 class has now historical liveries, hope you enjoy!

Installation: download the file and unzip to main installation folder (i.e. C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Automobilista 2\Vehicles\Textures\CustomLiveries\Overrides\)









Latest updates

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  2. 2 new liveries added based on 1979 Williams FW07

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  3. New cars added: 1978 Shadow DN/9 #16 and # 17

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Latest reviews

love them!
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great work....looks fantastic.
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Great work!
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Good job!
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Love the 1978 Shadow!
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amazing, love how good the cars look, shame i dont have what it takes to keep their rear in check lmao
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Getting better and better
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Thanks great job , but i dont see the Formula Retro gen2 cars . Install in the normal way i always do , what is wrong? Lotus works fine.
Try to delete your old "f_retro_g2" folder (you can find it under ".....\Automobilista 2\Vehicles\Textures\CustomLiveries\Overrides\" and then unpack in the same place the new one you downloaded.
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Thank you for the #6 car of Ronnie Peterson!
I was waiting because I was looking for a better number "6", maybe in next update.
Upvote 1
Great job, Have you considered making the Lotus #6 of the late great Ronnie Peterson?
Upvote 1
great job ....screams for more , thanks a lot
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Amazing, would love to see more
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Looks great man
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Looks great thank You for sharing
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Thanks a millions, look fantastic.
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great job! thanks!
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Great work , love the jps livery , thanks
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superb great job
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