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Formula Abarth Tatuus FA1 Sauber C34 0.9

Ericsson and Nasr, No 9 and 12

  1. destinationriver
    Hello guys,

    here you have my first skin for Assetto Corsa, I just tried a bit. Sauber C34, Pre season test for Tatuus FA1.
    I know that the protection doesn't have the right colour tone, if you know how to edit the protection, please tell me. when I try to open the protection.dds, I just have a empty file. thats the reason why you don't see the names "Ericsson" and "Nasr" with their flags. if you tell me how to edit, I'll fix that.

    and please tell me, if you want more F1 2015 skins ;D
    Ericsson No 9:

    Nasr No 12:
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Recent Reviews

  1. Tony Gentile
    Tony Gentile
    Version: 0.9
    nice job well done
    1. destinationriver
  2. Tomtiger123
    Version: 0.9
    Looks nice and a wonderful 2015 Ferrari skin with red Pirelli Tyres...i were happy ;-)
    1. destinationriver
      Author's Response
      I'm working on a personal skin at the moment, after this I'll do the Ferrari ;)
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