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Ford Focus WRC 01 v0.97

Ford Focus WRC 01 mod for Dirt rally 2.0

  1. diehardz
    Version: v0.97
    my favourite rally car and livery of all time. Super nice to have it available in dirt rally 2.0. Thanks!
  2. sardokard
    Version: v0.96
    The skin is beautiful.
    But to use it correctly, the best way is to provide only the skin files (pssg), not the erf which make un-available all career progress !
    1. ytursunoff
      Author's Response
      The livery is for the Focus01, so it will not fit on the Escort. The sad story is these mods are only for custom rally
  3. damss
  4. geoundici
    Version: 0.95
    sorry but the model has serious problems, at least for me. Tyres go completeley off axis in tarmac specs, they are inches too much versus the front of the car, finishing overlapping the body of the car. On gravel specs the rear tyres looks 2\3 inches out of the shape of the car, like a super spacer\widebody. Very ugly, and also something like bad driving because with a soo wide rear the car can only understeer a lot. Thanks anyway for the try, would be great to see a PROPER WRC car like this in the game! :)
    1. ytursunoff
      Author's Response
      Wheels should be fixed.
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