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colin mcrae

  1. H

    RSS Hyperion | Martini Racing 1.2

    Skin is for RSS Hyperion 2020 aka Ford Mustang NASCAR. Imo this is one the best looking Ford racecar liveries ever, so I decided to make it for Hyperion even though it's a pretty different car. Adapted it a bit to make it more NASCAR-esque Buy the car here: https://racesimstudio.com/shop...
  2. iZ GunDaM

    Ford Sierra RS Cosworth | 1989 | Group 4 1.0

    Before the Impreza, there was this. Installation - Copy the PNG-Files into: Steam\steamapps\common\artofrally\artofrally_Data\StreamingAssets\Liveries\group 4\the cozzie sr5\
  3. Belgakinen

    Sierra Cosworth - Colin Mcrae Ypres Rally 1990 1.0

    Replica of the Sierra Cosworth used by Colin Mcrae during Ypres Rally 1990: https://www.ewrc-results.com/entryinfo/6497-ypres-24-hours-rally-1990/206104/
  4. C

    Colin McRae 25Yrs 555 Impreza Tribute 2020-07-05

    Colin McRae 25Yrs 555 Impreza Tribute for Colin McRae Dirt Rally 2.0 PC Mail: chacaf22@gmail.com Installation: Just copy & paste "NR4" folder inside the "Names on Windows" Folder, into the cars folder: ...Steam\Steamapps\common\DiRT Rally 2.0\cars DO NOT ERASE OR MODIFY "NR4.nefs" (WRX...
  5. AyrtJ97

    Subaru WRX STI (Colin McRae - X Games 2006) 1.0

    Car: Subaru Impreza VT7R Numberplate: EFC 965 (Colorado) Driver: Colin McRae Codriver: Nicky Grist Team: Subaru Rally Team USA - Vermont SportsCar Starting number: #7 Event: XII X Games 2006 Position: 2nd This is my redition of Colin McRae's 2006 X Games rally race, which was then portrayed on...
  6. FaLLeNGaM8LeR

    DiRT Rally 2.0 Scotland Setup on my universal concept for every car

    My universal setup concept worked really well, so we could go flat out in Scotland with the Subaru Impreza S4 Rally. The complete tuning setup is included in this Video...hope it helps you and have fun to watch
  7. FaLLeNGaM8LeR

    DiRT Rally 2.0 Dirt Rally 2.0 setup guide update Scotland

    Here the update for Scotland based on my universal ground settings concept.
  8. DIRT RALLY 2.0 : Subaru Legacy Stage Win

    DIRT RALLY 2.0 : Subaru Legacy Stage Win

    After a bit of a break we are back with new sim racing content ! We kick off with some Dirt Rally 2.0 as we check out the new Colin McRae Flat Out Pack new c...
  9. Paul Jeffrey

    DiRT Rally 2.0 DiRT Rally 2.0 | New 1.13 Update and GOTY Edition Now Available

    Codemasters have dropped the new 'Game of the Year' edition of DiRT Rally 2.0, alongside updating both the vanilla release and Oculus VR editions of the software. Yes, VR fans can now rejoice in the glory of a full updated and content rich version of DiRT Rally at long last! The Oculus Store...
  10. Paul Jeffrey

    DiRT Rally 2.0 DiRT Rally 2.0 | Colin McRae Pack Previews

    Codemasters have released a couple of interesting videos around the upcoming Colin McRae DLC - set to hit the game this March 24th. Many believe the upcoming Colin McRae DLC will be the final piece of new content coming to DiRT Rally 2.0 before development comes to an end with this impressive...
  11. Paul Jeffrey

    DiRT Rally 2.0 DiRT Rally 2.0 | Colin McRae FLAT OUT Pack Arrives March 24th

    Codemasters have confirmed their DiRT Rally 2.0 game will be signing out in style this March 24th - with the special edition 'Colin McRae FLAT OUT' pack set to arrive for the simulation... Those of us with a long memory can probably vividly recall the original Colin McRae Rally games from the...
  12. ytursunoff

    Colin Mcrae R4 v 0.99

    Greetings, It has been done before, but now it is my turn :) Dirt3 Colin McRae R4 convertion mod for DIRT Rally fixed windscreen rain mask & cameras.Added Focus livery v0.99 Replaced car - Mini Countryman WRC Replaced liveries 1,2,3 install: Backup your folders cars/models/mcr...
  13. AyrtJ97

    Subaru Impreza 555 Gr. A (Colin McRae-Network Q RAC Rally 1995) [4K] 1.1

    Car: Subaru Impreza 555 (Group A) Numberplate: L555 BAT Driver: Colin McRae Codriver: Derek Ringer Team: 555 Subaru World Rally Team Starting number: #4 Event: 51st Network Q RAC Rally 1995 Position: 1st v1.1 - New version of my take on Colin McRae's world championship winning Subaru Impreza...
  14. AyrtJ97

    Ford Sierra Cosworth (Colin McRae-Audi Sport Rally 1989) [4K] 1.1

    Car: Ford Sierra RS Cosworth (Group A) Numberplate: D541 UVW Driver: Colin McRae Codriver: Derek Ringer Team: Ford Motor Company Starting number: #6 Event: 33rd Audi Sport Rally 1989 Position: 3rd v1.1 - New version of my take on Colin McRae's Ford Sierra RS Cosworth during the 1989 Audi Sport...
  15. ytursunoff

    Ford Focus WRC 01 mod | McRae\Grist v.1.00

    Unofficial mod for Dirt Rally v2.0 Ford Focus 2002 ( McRae|Grist ) is still missing in Dirt Rally 2.0. Converted from DIRT 4. Fixed rear window and windscreen as much as possible. LIVERY RIGHTS GO TO ITS CREATORS !!!! Replaced cars For Escort Backup your ers.nefs Replace with the...
  16. shadow118

    Subaru Legacy RS Gr.A Rally New Zealand 1993 (2 liveries) 1.0

    Subaru Legacy RS 555 Subaru WRT Rally New Zealand 1993 liveries. #7 driven by Colin McRay and Derek Ringer #4 driven by Ari Vatanen and Bruno Berglund
  17. shadow118

    Ford Sierra RS500 DTM Gemini 1.0

    Ford Sierra RS500 Gemini, driven by Colin McRae and Derek Ringer in the Manx International Rally 1990 Some of the details aren't 100% accurate, as I just couldn't make out the logos. There's a logo missing under the Shell on the door and on the bonnet on the left side of the 4 there should be a...
  18. shadow118

    Ford Sierra RS500 DTM VTM 1.0

    Ford Sierra RS500 VTM, driven by Colin McRae and Derek Ringer in the 1990 Ypres Rally Skin is made for this mod - https://www.racedepartment.com/downloads/1987-ford-sierra-cosworth-rs500.24027/
  19. shadow118

    Colin McRae Ford Sierra RS500 Cosworth 2.0

    Colin McRae's Ford Sierra RS500. Made for this mod, for the Stock, Drift and DTM versions. I didn't include the Group A as it's identical to the DTM one, so you can just copy that one over
  20. Paul Jeffrey

    DiRT 4 'Be Fearless' - New DiRT 4 Trailer Released

    Codemasters reveal the new DiRT 4 trailer 'Be Fearless' in the build up to game release, showing off plenty of in game action from this highly anticipated new rally game. With a go live date of just over a month away, and with a game set to be cram packed full of new content and features...