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Fonteny CamTool replay (GiuNiral)

Fonteny CamTool replay (GiuNiral) 2020-08-14

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CamTool set for Fonteny. I know it is a "classic" track, but the only car mod I could find that would not die was this Citroen. But it was intense and fun, I recommend.
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excelentes tus trabajos, sin duda las mejores camaras, se que es un trabajo muy grande pero... alguna vez camaras para Transfagarasan?
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I also made replay sets for this track (Try it if you like)
and I was surprised that some of your cameras are similar to mine.
Your sense of replay making may be similar to me.
That's why I like your replays and I feel you know.
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You just showed me another world and I couldn't be more thankful. You hooked it up in more ways than one. I'm off to go try this!
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If I could give you more stars I would.
Best set of cameras EVER bro.
Bellissimo, Grazie.
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Respect the Effort needed, Camtool Replays are sadly very underated and underdownloaded, but it masks a lot the shortcomings in some tracks.
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Absolutely amazing work. In fact all of your work is great. Please keep it up!

P.S. every-time I show my friends AC I pull up one your replays, simply the best example to show just how far things have come in the AC world!
THE Giulliano Larin
THE Giulliano Larin
Hey, what an honor, thank you so much. I'm glad you like it. Cheers.
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I love your cameras and the style very good work .... could you make the next le grand 67 ?? le mans historico ... thanks for this
THE Giulliano Larin
THE Giulliano Larin
Thank you. Le grand 67 will be out soon
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THE Giulliano Larin
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