1. THE Giulliano Larin

    Fonteny CamTool replay (GiuNiral) 2020-08-14

    CamTool set for Fonteny. I know it is a "classic" track, but the only car mod I could find that would not die was this Citroen. But it was intense and fun, I recommend.
  2. THE Giulliano Larin

    Watkins Glen (boot) camtool replay (GiuNiral) 2020-04-04

  3. Davide Nativo

    Best of Simracing Mods: “Watkins Glen International” for Assetto Corsa

    “A commitment to excellence”. I quite like something about American tracks. They are technical, they are usually fast, they are always challenging and they ask you to be absolutely precise and consistent in your lap times to be at the head of the pack. There is something raw, something wild...