Flat6 Series by Enduracers and GR

Flat6 Series by Enduracers and GR 1.0

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The Flat6 GT3 cup car is featured with a high detailed quality model, with lot of details and accuracy for a perfect immersion like in the real car. The cockpit is full of details, the most beautiful paint schemes from the series around the world from the years 2010 to 2013 are included. The car comes with 2 types of sounds, several types of rims.

The move over rF2 allows more features to be included, such as animated driver, deformable tyres, advanced physics and tyres behavior, and of course a complete refreshment of the reflects, lights and shadings compared to the rF1 version.

  • Graphics : High fidelity 3D model, with high definition cockpit.
  • Graphics : 50 paints shemes inspired from the real cars.
  • Graphics : Highly improved car materials, live reflections, dynamic lightnings and shadings.
  • Graphics : Animated car driver, with high definition 3D Helmet. Special thanks to Coutie for the job.
  • Graphics : Car details with backfire, headlights with Some1 lens flares shaders.
  • Physics : Accurate car physics, created in collaboration with Gentlemen Racers physics team, with help from real teams and drivers.
  • Physics : New rF2 deformable tire model, without CPM (still in development).
  • Physics : Ultra chassis technology.
  • Physics : Aero updated to match to rF2 improvements.
  • Physics : FFB adjustment to match to rF2 engine.
  • Physics : Suspension geometry improved.
  • Physics : Rain tires.
  • Sounds : Accurate and detailed sounds.
  • Sounds : Up to date rF2 sounds features.
  • Tire new CPM model.
  • Damage fine tuning (Need deformations not yet implemented in rF2 to calibrate realistic damage values).
  • Animated wipers in cockpit.
  • Heat effect.
  • The Flat6 Series has no blip, you need to make heals/toes technique on braking/down shifting phases.
  • The Flat6 series has to be driven with degressive braking technics like in real race cars.
  • The Flat6 Series has no driving help (NO ABS, NO Traction Control). They are disabled in the mod.
  • The cars has been beta tested on several hardware and driving wheels brands (Logitech G25/27/DFGT, Thrustmaster T300/T500, Fanatec ClubSport) and is calibrated to work with all.
  • If needed you can adjust FFB power using the FFB Upgrade in game tuning options of the car.
  • Engine: 3,797 cc; stroke 76.4 mm; bore 102.7 mm diameter.
  • Power: 450 hp at 7,500 rpm.
  • Max RPM: 8,500 rpm.
  • Gearbox: Six-speed sequential dog-type gearbox (G97/63) with active oil cooling and pressure-oil lubrication.
  • Brakes: Aluminium six-piston calipers, in red at front, 380mm. Aluminium four-piston calipers, in red at rear, 355mm.
  • Suspension: McPherson strut-type axle, height-adjustable.
  • Tank capacity: 100 Liters.
  • Weight: 1160 kg.
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Latest reviews

Great mod, like very much the physics, thanks for sharing it with us :)
Very nice drinving feeling in this mod. Great ! Where can I get some car settings for test, Nordschleife?
I'm new in rFacor2 but play rFactor1 many years.
Something is indeed wrong with the grip. Very low grip even on a "fast" track. I pretty much drift on every turn.
Suspension and tire model are all broken. The tires have highest % of grip at 200*C temperature. Suspension is like cheese and it's unadjustable. Drifting is faster than gripping. Why make this mod?
perfect mod. GREAT
This is soooooo good. Love the graphics and the whole thing just wish there was a championship or season set up but full marks anyway and thank you for all the hard work.
Great...best rF2 Mod ever :-)
Well done.....what a great sensation!
Nailed it.
Awesome car ... you can really feel the weight of the car ..great fun
This is by far THE BEST mod for rF2 currently. Outstanding job guys!
Amazing car. I needed to up ffb to 1.90 'cause in the middle of the car i didn't feel enough to keep the car on the road. But after tweak it, i'm really in love, i enjoy it everywhere; Bathrust, Sebring, Lime Rock... Really good work!
Great mod, thanks. Really nice model and skins. No idea if the handling is realistic but the cars have a nice feel and seem connected to the road. Looking forward to more from these guys.
Thanks, it should be official content
One of the best series around in rFactor 2. Physics are spot on, the liveries are beautiful, wonderful job! Thanks a lot for the tremendous effort and skill put in this project!
I thought I would take this for a quick spin after dinner, its almost 3am! Fantastic job, been awhile since I got 'lost' in a sim, thank you ;-)
Boy oh boy, thank you so much. These are perfect. This is definately a must have for every owner of RF2