Fictional BMW F1

Fictional BMW F1 1.0

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hi there
my 3rd skin mod, BMW F1.
most of the logos are inspired by Williams FW26. except Puma.
car skin only, replacing Toro Rosso.
Big thanks to ML2166 for his 3D model & Mr. Wilmer Chavez for his beautiful renders, and you who have downloaded this skin :x3:
any critics & suggestion would be appreciated. enjoy :D



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looks great, but doesn't really fit on the sauber...
It's quite beautiful, but all the skins are for Toro Rosso, Sauber and McLaren. You should do for Ferrari and Red Bull.
Nice skin :) Too bad all the good ones are for Toro Rosso :( (and I don't want to have the same liveries for all cars)
Henky SA
Henky SA
Well, amongst all of the CM F1 2013's car, Toro Rosso & Mclaren are most moddable skin (for me) XD
looks good and by the way, good luck on the exam
looks very nice!

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Henky SA
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