FF1 2015

FF1 2015 1.2

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ERROR: Car fc_ff1_2015_season cannot have setup items for ROD_LENGTH_HF when a front suspension is also present
Did you read literally the first sentence of the Overview page? Nobody should be downloading this car and expecting it to work.
the best
Do not stop there - you are the best of the best!!!
Wrong flywheel weight, the engine revs llike a diesel 9.0, insufficient brake power, much slower than the real stuff, too much inertia... well, its great graphics and sound, but the driving is way off.
awesome car.perfect feel on road.thanx
superb. would like to see vettel in ferrari, wtc with drivers? but excellent .
2014 skins were made by the community. The mod was released with them as an additional bonus otherwise we would have released a generic white skin. Mod was released well before the start of the 2015 season before 2015 skins existed.

Really good, enjoyed it a lot. But can I have a good setup? I'm really 3-5 seconds off to real lap times.
Dont know why but cars dont run on my PC
Excellent job you did!
amazing !!! great mod!!!
Very fun & rewarding to drive once you adjust to the speed capabilities. Great quality in the wheel display and vehicle overall. Most realistic representation of a 2015-spec F1 I've driven yet, if F1:2015 isn't anything like this, I probably won't bother with it, and will join a FF1 league instead.
Thanks for this mod! Excellent!!
amazing work
Better than the F1 Lotus from Kunos, thanks.
Excelent work! Thank you! I just donated.
Awesome job with the 1.1, keep up the great work!
Sooo cool, thx a lot
Is there a template for this car?
But still, a great mod indeed.
Because its seems to be a very serious work. Encouraged me nto download and btry to installm (should I install in Cars directory?