FF1 2015

FF1 2015 1.2

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Changelog v1.2: League Edition available so you can race in leagues with a locked data file. See the READ ME for more information.

Sounds and physics integration into AC 1.1.5 (I recreated all my sounds and rebuilt the sound project in 16 hours in 1 day flat-out). Minor suspension adjustment to reduce the FFB effect on bumps.

Read the READ ME for more.
These changes will affect grip, for the better. By having a precise fraction less grip on power and cornering, the car should be interesting to drive (try the different tyre compounds to feel the difference between each). Force-feedback being too high in the first version has been addressed too here.

Changelog v1.1: Tyre compounds should feel different, tyre calculations improved for less grip, minor suspension value change, suspension damage values added, force-feedback improved, new camera positions, lower DRS performance, small change to gear ratios.