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Ferrari Italian GT Championship 1.0

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Its based off the Italian GT Championship with each track in its season order except Misano and La Castellet, which has been replaced with Hockenheim and Valencia

  • Championship structure
  • 15 minute practice session, 20 minute qualifying, 9 laps race
  • Green track to replicate real life track conditions at a race weekend
  • 11 AI opponents
  • 7 tracks to replicate real season -
  • Real life driver names from the series
In the folder:
  • Hockenheim and Valencia - street circuits
  • Ferrari 458 GT2 Skins
  • Series Ferrari Italian GT Championship

Please inform me of any issues or bugs when using the mod and I'll try and fix it. Thanks!


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Latest reviews

Just had to change the track value for Event 6 from vallelunga to ks_vallelunga in the Configuration settings file. Otherwise, it works well! Great Job!

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