Ferrari Interlagos Limited Edition Helmet. HD & DHD (ML2166) 2013-07-02

Ferrari skid lid

  1. ML2166
    Ferrari Limited Edition Interlagos helmet.

    Done in HD and DHD sizes.

    Works finned or non finned.

    Will replace GEN_20 in bespokehelmets folder.

    Senna-ish....with Brasil touches.....and Interlagos incorperated within the helmet design.

    Please back up any files due to be changed first.




Recent Reviews

  1. wazza1
    Version: 2013-07-02
    Beyond Stunning...I'm in love. That is kickass mate.
  2. Jean-Marc Dallaire
    Jean-Marc Dallaire
    Version: 2013-07-02
    awesome work