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Ferrari F14T 1,0

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Ferrari F14T based on Mclaren Chassis.
Done in Double HD.
In game testing done by @QuangMinh#93.
So thanks to him for that.
2014 Helmets coming soon.

Ferrari F14 T.106.jpg
Ferrari F14 T.107.jpg
Ferrari F14 T.108.jpg
Ferrari F14 T.109.jpg
Gerald Chinoy
File size
29.3 MB
First release
Last update
5.00 star(s) 23 ratings

Latest reviews

Just beautiful. Is it possible to make this one in F1 2013?
so sexy!
Awesome work
loooks great. just having difficulty using it :-(
Looks even better than the real '14 Ferrari. Alonso and Kimi will be jealous :)
Nice, but the front wing endplate is black (on the bottom half, under santader)
hello i just wanted to ask how did you do the remodeling of the car or if anyone could just answer anyway the skin is 5+
Gerald Chinoy
Gerald Chinoy
3d models cannot be modified, i have used mclaren's 3d model for ferrari.
good Job!
Looks awesome!
good job!
What a job !!! very good quality
Can be somehow the car back to its original state?
ahsdajshsdoojasoas amazig!
Stunning skin 5* :)
Great job, another masterpiece done by you : )

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