Ferrari 458 Italia #121 Gumball 3000 Rally 2015-09-22

gumball 3000 rally liveries

  1. Aria Kanzaki
    Installation :
    extract the downloaded file with WinRar or other program like that , copy the "Team #121" file to (x36)\kunos simulazioni\assettocorsa\content\cars\ferrari_458\skins
    Known Bug :
    preview image from rosso scuderia dark top
    Thanks to :
    google , gumball 3000 forum for the sponsor , my hand , my eyes , my brain to make this livery nicely done
    NOTE : do not post the file anywhere without my permission
    Preview : Showroom_ferrari_458_22-8-2015-23-7-8.jpg Showroom_ferrari_458_22-8-2015-23-7-0.jpg Showroom_ferrari_458_22-8-2015-23-6-57.jpg Showroom_ferrari_458_22-8-2015-22-59-48.jpg
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Recent Reviews

  1. ssx0521ccx
    Version: 2015-09-22
    I really like this skin, but this skin is not reflected on AC game.
    Can anyone help me? :(
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