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Ferrari 458 'F117 Stealth' 1,0

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Ferrari 458 painted as an F117' Stealth' fighter (this is an actual real 'vinyl wrapped 458)
I have included in the .zip file three CARPAINT_map.dds for either matte, semi-gloss or Gloss/shine versions, the real one is semi-gloss, it looks great in the game but screenshots don't do it justice.

Semi Gloss
acShowroom 2014-01-29 10-16-29-12.jpg
acShowroom 2014-01-29 10-16-41-30.jpg
acShowroom 2014-01-29 10-16-57-16.jpg

acShowroom 2014-01-29 10-18-49-04.jpg
acShowroom 2014-01-29 10-19-08-51.jpg
acShowroom 2014-01-29 10-19-15-18.jpg

acShowroom 2014-01-29 10-19-55-40.jpg
acShowroom 2014-01-29 10-20-56-43.jpg
acShowroom 2014-01-29 10-20-25-79.jpg

acShowroom 2014-01-29 10-20-39-51.jpg

Read-me included in .zip.

Many thx to those who did the work finding the secrets of AC to allow this, and also for providing various templates and lessons

Made in 4096 x 4096

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