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James Hunt's 1976 McLaren M23 1.0

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My rendition of James Hunts McLaren M23 (High Airbox) as raced at Kayalami, Brazil and US West GP's in 1976.
Obviously some of the decals are in slightly different places due to the model and I have added a 'Marlboro' to the front wing as it looked naked.
I have also added Hunt's helmet from the time.

acs 2014-04-09 16-36-16-53.jpg
acs 2014-04-09 16-40-32-84.jpg
acs 2014-04-09 16-42-13-78.jpg

Many thx to TTM for letting me alter some of his layers and ML2166

Latest reviews

solid mod
Loved this, had to delete the Hesketh Hunt skin from my F1C75 pack so the game wouldn't get confused when racing.
Very nicely done classic livery. Thanks. =]
5 stars if you can edit the helm to remove Laudas face. :) have James Hunt ready to race :)
Fantastic job
Nice :)
McLaren - Marlboro/Texaco! What a CLASSIC!
Great job
Very nice
Excellent Marlboro ! Thanks.
Great work! Don't Stop! ;-)