Ferrari 312T Sound Mod

Ferrari 312T Sound Mod 1.0

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  1. 312t sound 1.0

    update sound!!

Latest reviews

Needs to be updated with the latest FMOD version. No internal cockpit sound. The fix mentioned needs to overwrite the newest AC's core SFX sound with older ones, which we should not have to do,
Much, much better than the original sounds, I like it, but could you put the tire squeal up a bit in the mix as it's now quite hard to hear when you're loosing traction.
Amazing! Such was missing...
Exterior sounds are amazing, but the interior sounds need a lot of work.
Brings the car to life!
doesn't work with 1.1.6
lovely sounds, i just hope you redo the older ones you did like furai as they sadly dont work anymore.
I like this much better than the original!