Ferrari 2017 Livery 1.2.1

Ferraro 2017 mod

  1. Ferrari 2017 Livery ver 1.2.0

    Minor Update:

    ferrari images 0001.jpg I added the singha logo on the car
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  2. Ferrari 2017 Livery ver 1.2

    a small update for Ferrari
    update 1.2
    -fix a bug that shows a red tyres when looking at a ferrari car on a mirror or if the ferrari car is too far
    -update the number design on the car
    -update on the name in the garage
    -added the white line on the arm on the driver suit
    -update Vettel and Raikkonen cap
    -update the race crew and the pit crew suit

    ferrari race crew 01.jpg kimi cap 01.jpg kimi car 01.jpg vettel cap 01.jpg ...