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Ferndale Better Dashboard 2016-12-11

ferndale improved dashboard for my summer car

  1. NGineus
    Hi all guys, today i made an better texture for the ferndale (you can find the improved full dash for the satsuma with "satsuma GT dashboard") or on my profile on racedepartment.


    You will find two files one for mp/h and one for km/h (i just hate mp/h) that are the same.

    The image isn't really clear, caused by a bad pc. However this is what basically i did.
    I've added colours to the temp, gas and alternator gauges, i've added a faded red colour to the speedo (and "translated" it in km/h), more sporty, and i just deleted the useless cross on the right with a typical car icon with tyre pressure of the glorious 90's.

    If you like it please leave a review and rate in stars, ever feedback is appreciated.


Recent Reviews

  1. Mr.DOGE
    Version: 2016-12-11
    speedo was already in km/h.
    but it was a good retex