Fantasy World Livery Inspired 1.0.1

Livery Inspired to super heroes or cartoons

  1. Bolt95
    ********Bolt95 Fantasy World Livery Inspired For F1 2014*********

    Thank you for Download This Mod!! Please suggest me every issue or hint to develop it!


    Thanks To all for Create Mod and for your really good work!!
    I've not copied nothing by other RaceDepartment or other sites Modder!

    Always BackUp your files Before install any MOD!
    1)Select cars folder and copy in your f1 2014 folder
    2)Only Italian Language to use the new language file (overwrite in language folder)
    3)ALL DONE! You can Play F1 2014 NOW!

    This Mod did not corrupt any saves!
    You can use this Mod free and where you want Without Asking me!
    I suggest you to play this mod with my ai mod at:;

    Cars modified (Name In Italian Language only):
    Red Bull --> Marvel Racing
    Vettel --> Spiderman
    Ricciardo --> Black Spiderman

    Ferrari --> Black Pearl Team
    Alonso --> Capitan Jack Sparrow
    Raikkonen --> Will Turner

    Marussia --> Abstergo F1 Team
    Chilton --> Ezio Auditore
    Bianchi --> Edward Kenway

    Catheram --> X-Men F1 Team
    Kobayashi --> James Howlett
    Ericsson --> Victor Creed

    McLaren --> Dragon Ball F1 Team
    Button --> Son Goku
    Magnussen --> Majin Vegeta

    ***Future Features***
    If You will report me an issue i will try to fix it;
    Modify your language with this name and link to me to add other language;
    Other fantasy livery for all remained cars;
    Produce Enjoy!!! ;)

    Catheram.jpg Catheram2.jpg ferrari.jpg ferrari2.jpg Marussia.jpg Marussia2.jpg View attachment 77911 View attachment 77912 RBR.jpg View attachment 77914

Recent Reviews

  1. ElsoDenes
    Version: 1.0.1
    :D its funny but i like it
    1. Bolt95
      Author's Response
      Thanks! ;)
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