Bolt95 Realistic Car Performance & AI MOD For F1 2014 1.2

Realistic Car Performance & Ai MOD (Better Aggressive & Braking)

  1. Bolt95
    ***Bolt95 Realistic Car Performance & AI MOD***

    Please suggest me every issue or hint to develop the MOD!

    • I've Create This Mod while in my game there were installed other mod created by other RaceDepartment Modder;
    • Thanks To all for Create That and for your really good work!! So in this mod there are part of other mod (7 additional track for example by Matt Drummond);
    • I've not copied nothing by other RaceDepartment or other sites Modder!

    • Always BackUp your files Before install any MOD!
    1. Select the database you want to use (with 7 additional track or not);
    2. Drag & Drop the "ai" and "database" folders in your F1 2014 folder;
    3. ALL DONE! You can Play F1 2014 NOW!
    • All 2014 Mod did not corrupt any saves; ******2013 Database can corrupt it!******
    • You can use this Mod free and where you want Without Asking me!
    • I suggest to play this mod with Legend Ai!


      • Real F1 2014 cars performance (in order of power)
    T1: Mercedes, Williams, RedBull;
    T2: Ferrari, McLaren, Force India; (Ferrari & McLaren are very similar)
    T3: Lotus, Toro Rosso, Sauber;
    T4: Catheram, Marussia;

      • Ai is more aggressive and brake later on the corner;

      • Weather is more various and dynamic;

      • Real Safety Car deployment;
      • On 2013 Database Restored 2013 Car's Performance & Driver;

    Risultati di gara.jpg Risultati di gara1.jpg

Recent Reviews

  1. Wabon95
    Version: 1.0
    I only test on Sao Paulo and is better than default. ;)
    Wait & see in others tracks :)
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