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F1 RSS 2016 Beta PART2 2016-10-14


  1. Javi_VC7801
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Recent Reviews

  1. BurritosBR
    Version: 2016-10-14
    No waaaaaaaaaaaaay is it beta??? WHAT AMAZING WORK... Forgive me Codemasters, but these guys just nailed it with this car mod... Really, I never felt so imersed by a F1 car like I felt in this work, off course it there a lot of things to be done yet, but this can become a master piece on this community... I hope to see different engines sound on each car, I liked very much to see you put a lot of effort to make every single cockipit looks unique, can't wait to see those steering wheel dashboard working... The only thing I can say is: Thanks for sharing it and I'm REALLY LOKKING FORWARD and EXCITED to see what it will become on the next steps !!! THANK YOU VERY MUCH BRO !!!