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F1 Police "Interceptor Unit" Skin 1.0

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Oky people this get relay weird now lol! This is my new skin for SAHARA FORCE INDIA F1 POLICE UNIT team powered by Ford. If Need for Speed can have Police units i think we can have one to. Best Police unit is here. I made this skin for me to try some of accident MODS. I like to make some havoc in F1 but kinda not like regular formulas so i created this one. I hope you will like this new skin :) Enjoy my new skin!

Install skin in "fc2" Sahara Force India team folder. MAKE BACKUP FIRST. Enjoy! :inlove:

This is high end skin. Pictures don't do justice. Please install this skin for your self and see.


What is new in this skin:

+Removed and replaced 99% of bolid logos
+Removed all original colors
+Added BLACK color for Sahara Force India
+Polished high color skin
+Tested vehicle in various conditions

As always video and some pictures....






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Latest reviews

Outstandig, well done
Pamela USA
Pamela USA
Thank you! Enjoy F1 version of Need For Speed :)
Haha, this made my day. A very well made skin and a big thank you for it. :D
Pamela USA
Pamela USA
No Thank you for 5 stars! Enjoy :)
That is such an original idea! Nice job.
Pamela USA
Pamela USA
Thank you :)
You should make it replace the safety car! That would be EPIC!
Pamela USA
Pamela USA
hahaha maybe but i'm working on some awesome bolid now ;)
Hahaha probably wont use it, but for a bit of fun this skin is top quality. great modeling and thanks for the laugh :D
Pamela USA
Pamela USA
heheh thank you for 5 stars. I use this now all the time to crash other formulas lol
Nice :)
Pamela USA
Pamela USA
Thank you :) this is something new.Some times F1 gets boring with regular formulas so i like to add some mix. Thx for 5 stars!
It's amazing ! Good job.
Pamela USA
Pamela USA
Thank you :)
nice job!!
Pamela USA
Pamela USA
Thank you :)
Pamela USA
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3.1 MB
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User rating
5.00 star(s) 8 ratings

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