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Skin "Blue" Mercedes McLaren F1 v1.2

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Hi girls and boys :)

This is my first skin for Mercedes McLaren F1 bolid. It is not best work since i don't have prop files to do better work but i think you guys may like this. I chose blue color for my skin and i think this color looks great. All logos are changed including bolid color. Bolid theme is gaming one. I like simple cars not to much colors so main colors are blue and white. I hope you guys will enjoy this skin and once prop files get released for us we gonna make some awesome vehicles for all of you :)



Now please check this pictures of my first SKIN for F1 2014






Latest updates

  1. Fixing update!

    Fixing update and zip file.
  2. Update bolid main logo

    In this update i update main bolid logo.
  3. Added new codemaster logo.

    Added new codemaster logo... v1.1

Latest reviews

absolutely awesome, I love the blue, I
Pamela USA
Pamela USA
thank you :)
It's fun that this skin is so close to what the C34 is going for this year. And it IS nice
Pamela USA
Pamela USA
Thank you :) i love this Blue color too...
Hey Pam, really nice skin and something different. Top notch!
Pamela USA
Pamela USA
Thank you! Enjoy :)
It's awesome !
Pamela USA
Pamela USA
I'm glad you like it! now burn some oil :)
El color le queda GENIAL
Pamela USA
Pamela USA
Thank you! This skin is still under work. Waiting for proper files so i can make this even better :)
Pamela USA
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