F1 Las Vegas 2023 Grand Prix Layout.

F1 Las Vegas 2023 Grand Prix Layout. 0.2

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Las Vegas! 2023! F1!
This mod is in very early stages, so expect improvements to come thick and fast.
If you have issues with the mod I have a post here which has details on how to install my tracks.​
I have created this mod for AC on the day the track was announced, so there's still room for improvement!
To check out a lot of my 'Work in Progress' tracks, head over to my Patreon Page. www.patreon.com/nukedrop.
If you're gonna make a YouTube video about this track, or make some skins to add the copyrighted ads, or anything that uses this track. I'd really appreciate if you could give my Patreon page a shout out! Thanks :)
I recommend using this track at night, as you then can't see all of the missing buildings I haven't added in yet.
As details on the track are slim at the moment I had to guess a pit lane position, and start line. They're probably wrong, but they'll be updated when more info comes out.
Other than that, The track layout matched the one released by F1! Enjoy :)
This free track is only to be used with Assetto Corsa. It is not affiliated, associated, authorized, endorsed by, or in any way officially connected with Formula 1, or any of its subsidiaries or its affiliates. Any logos or references to logos of companies featured in this file are used as a parody and are not affiliated, associated, authorized, endorsed by, or in any way officially connected with their respective owners. If you have paid for this then you have potentially been scammed. ‘Nukedrop’ tracks released on RaceDepartment.com will always be free for anybody to download. However, this does not grant a user licence to profit from or redistribute the works in any way. Reminder, by having access to this download you are also bound by the terms and conditions outlined on https://www.racedepartment.com/help/terms-of-service/

Latest updates

  1. 0.2 - More Everything.

    Hey All, The update list is too big to list. The layout has been significantly adjusted, so...

Latest reviews

Awsome track for speed, needs some work though, pitlane is pretty hidden, going inbox and outbox there are no lines? I can go full gas, also it wont give me new tyre's or settings box options to change tyre's

BTW At those Yellow and Bleu, not the RED board's left, right, that is the pit entry. @gc24 ‍♂️

Video, i added the patreon enz text.

The mod is called SimRaceDevelopment F1 2022
That is a payed mod.
Google it, im not allowed to shre the links.
Only the Haas is not ready yet.
Red Bull needs to be fixed yet FFB so i suggest taking the Ferrari or any other car, if you are into mods.
Nice track, good job on it. Now I am going to say something here that may offend people, I don't don't care if you disagree , I don't see where the billboards need to be political, as in WE Stand With Ukraine. No need for that, it for advertisment. At least if you want to Advertise, how about standing for the USA? This America and I stand for/with them.
Great mod Tyrone. Cheers. Looking forward to your updates on this one. Great fun and fast track...;-)...
Aamazing work, especially in such a short amount of time.
Top work
Hello bro, thank you for giving the information to fix the issues and install other things that you must need to run this mod, you're a beast, I couldnt find any explanation on Youtube and Ive been waiting to play this track and others like the new Australia circuit for so long, appreciate it <3
Thank you. Will support you on Patreon soon!
this track is awesome for the short time it was created in, well done bro
Awesome! Im impressed with your work and so soon!? Cant wait to see future updates!
I love it! I only have 1 issue though, it has no trackside cameras... But anyway amazing job!
Awesome track and super quick to post! Thanks for this!!
Amazing work, hopefully AI before 2023 race :D
Yo there Tyrone, nice job! P1BP over at GT, I lurk, saw your first shots when you had a flat map ;) Look forward to the evolution of this one. Cheers!
Excellent work! To have a solid, functioning build in such a short time is very impressive. Thanks!
This is absolutely awesome, and to have it a day after it was announced is something else entirely. Thank you so much, I can't wait to see what you do with it over time. I'll be lapping here all night, I don't care if the track is 95% full throttle. It's still fun.
Nice work, thank you!
Can't go wrong with Rod Stewart at Caesars!

Bravo, well done!
Excelent work! TY!
this man is a legend

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