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F1 2020 - MyTeam Logo Megapack

F1 2020 - MyTeam Logo Megapack 1.3

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Welcome to my logo pack for MyTeam on F1 2020. This logo pack brings lots of logos from real car brands, classic F1 teams, F2 teams or even teams from other motorsport series. I will try to update the logo pack in order to have as many logos as possible.

Set the emblem colours to red and green in order to have the logos shown properly ingame

Installation: Copy and Paste.

For problems and suggestions please use the support thread.





Latest updates

  1. Update 1.3

    Added 2 new logos: Dams logo Team Penske logo
  2. Update 1.2

    Added 3 new logos: Lamborghini logo Bugatti logo Jaguar logo
  3. Update 1.1

    Added 3 new logos: Renault logo Saab logo Koenigsegg logo

Latest reviews

this is actually great. could you pls make an toro rosso logo too?
Can you add green yellow Lotus logo
Can someone tell me where to put the file.
Nice but... every logo is blue..
The only F1 2020 mod on this whole website worthy of actually receiving a positive review. Properly written english, some actual instructions and a simple copy-paste file ready to go.
Can you add maserati pls
excelente! Si puedes hacer que el logo de Aston Martin sustituya al de Racing Point en el modo piloto.
Everything you can want almost, thanks
The mods itself is worth 5 stars. The fact that it doesnt work since 1.05 is why I've marked it down.
This is awesome! Thank you for this wonderful work :)
can you explain some steps of how to do it? i try to open the files from ERP but i cant open them
Hey man really nice work! would you consider adding a logo from a very classic team called: Shadow
Fantastic work man! I think it would be more fun to have some more Classic F1 teams though, instead of car brands. Have you considered Spyker for example? Good work anyways man!
Please, tell me in which folder i have to paste the download
Can someone please explain where to copy and paste the download to? First time adding mods to F1.
This looks amazing and very promising. Could you please tell me a tad more detailed how to get it in game? I saw a comment saying copy and paste it into your F1 directory. But which folder exactly?
Will there be an update soon?
File size
1.8 MB
First release
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User rating
4.85 star(s) 68 ratings

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