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Hello guys! :)

This is my fantasy F1 2020 season mod for F1 2013!!! :D

What is in this mod:
- New drivers line-up and teams in my thoughts (if you don't like it, change to your own line-ups by EGO Database Editor)
- New 2020 calendar in my thoughts (22 rounds): Bahrain (night)/Melbourne/Argentina (based on Sepang)/Shanghai/Barcelona/Monaco/Montreal/Baku/Paul Ricard (based on India)/Austria/Silverstone/Hockenheim/Budapest/Spa-Francorchamps/Monza/Singapore/Sochi/Suzuka/Texas/Mexico (based on Korea)/Brazil/Abu Dhabi
- New F1 logo (at starting screen and at the first image when you start your game)
- Adjusted grip, more realistic damage, faster cars (almost as fast as the real 2018 cars), reduced gap between the best and the worst car
- 4-dry-tyre-color options based on the "Pirelli rainbow" set of tyres (HS/US/SS/S/M/H/SH)
- Adjusted AI's, increased difficulty
- Adjusted competition card in cockpit (changed the number from 2013 to 2020)
- Added minicars and new audio files

Credits to:
- @talisman and @ConectiON for making the drivers' helmets
- @Daniel Paez, @NeffO76, @SkyFall and @Thang Nguyen for the tracks
- @MrTheRacer and @Thang Nguyen for the car skins
- @talisman for the drivers' suits
- @SkyFall, @Thang Nguyen and @Henky SA for the pitcrew suits (either 2018 or 2020 suits)
- @silidus for the racecrew suits (2016 season)

How to download this mod to make it works properly:
- Back up the original files.
- Install these mods and overwrite the original files (not the backed up ones):
- Install my mod and overwrite the original files (not the backed up ones).
- Choose the tyre color options that you like.
- Create a new save game profile (as the old one will be corrupt in this mod).
- Play the game.

Known issues:
- You can't play online with this mod.
- The available game profile in the game will be corrupt.
- No Halo. In 2019, due to the fans' dislikes, drivers were asked if they wanted to continue with the Halo. Most of them answered "NO", so there's no Halo in the 2020 season.

Here is the trailer of this mod: (images come later)

I hope you enjoy this mod and stay tuned for the 2021 season. :thumbsup:

Thang Nguyen.

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Thang Nguyen
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for me this mod is really good for f1 2013 Cheers Thang Nguyen
Thang Nguyen
Thang Nguyen
Thank you so much bro =)) Stay tuned for my 2007 season mod ;)
I have an Problem with my Database.bin.

I can copy the files in my folder and so on, but if i start the My Game putout at for Example Max Verstappen his former Name "Paul Di Resta" are you able to up your database.bin as in case of these Bug
Thang Nguyen
Thang Nguyen
Wait a moment... What language did you use?
If you're using English, maybe I forgot to put the language file.
If not, I'm sorry that this mod is in English only.
Thang Nguyen.
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