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F1 2019 Official Track map intros

F1 2019 Official Track map intros 1.0

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F1 2019 Official Track Intros

The .zip file you will download here will contain instructions on how to download the real .zip file, as the mod folder's size is more than the limit of Race Department upload manager. (It will be a MEGA link).


To install just copy the "F1 2019" folder from the .zip file, and paste it into the "common" folder of Steam.
If you have two hard drives and you have Steam installed onto that the "common" folder should be in "D:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common"
If you have one hard drive it should be in "C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common"

Latest reviews

its cool but it keeps crashing my game :(
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It does not work I do not understand =/ , in Grand Prix mode to test it is not marked Live in the top right corner as in your photos. Only for the career? I still give you 4 stars for your work.
What do you mean by "is not marked live"? Explain me better in the discussion here in the upper part
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yes it's good it add more realism on you carreer so it's not with the crash and important moment but it's good
Thank you :)
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Expected something bigger like as the best moments of each track as always appear, but it's just a short clip.
Yeah I expected that too, but the game cuts off the video if the video is too long, when basically the cameras goes into the starting grid showing for example the poleman talking to the interviewer, the video gets cut so... I can't do anything about that. Thanks anyway for the review
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it only adds the sky sports logo, i thought you had longer videos, so sorry but only 1 star
Yeah I only wanted the official video with official sponsors (like Heineken) and official animations, as in the game is not like that, and I can't use longer videos as they will be cut because of the starting grid. Thanks anyway for the constructive review
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