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F1 2017 mechanical grip 2017-07-07


  1. luismfm
    Introducing more mechanical grip on cars similar to 2017 performance.
    Faster cars, ai also affected.
    Credits for doberjam related to the engine power, Thanks!
    Don't mix with other mods, performance is all there and no save game problem!
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Recent Reviews

  1. dartwonder
    Version: 2017-07-07
    can you make one for f1 2014 please
  2. MaximusSRB
    Version: 2017-07-07
    Why the files are corrupted?
    When i try to extract all teams files it says "(team name).vtf.erp is corrupted! Can't extract or transfer files..
    What is the problem?
    1. luismfm
      Author's Response
      Just put teams folder on ...\F12015\f1_2015_vehicle_package\
      "teams" is an existing folder, so, choose replace files, (10).
      Backup first!
  3. Marcell
    Version: 2017-07-07
    Nice mod, tried it out and got a 1:18:xxx at Monza without corner cutting really cool :D
    1. luismfm
      Author's Response
      I am sure when F1 2017 arrives in Italy, they can get that time in qual....
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