F1 2016 Mercedes AMG Petronas W07 Hybrid Livery MOD 1.0


  1. SkyFall
    F1 2016 MERCEDES AMG PETRONAS F1-W07 Hybrid Livery MOD SKIN

    My take on the W07 Hybrid car for the 2016 F1 Season, to be used on Codemasters F1-2013 game. I strongly recommend that you use the SKYFALL 2016 MOD for best results.
    Thanks to: Kris, Krsskos, Chianamik and Franske for their outstanding work on their MODS. I´ve learned a lot from them. The helmets for 2016 Nico & Lois are based from Krsskos file, but I ported them in order to work on F1 2013.

    For more info visit:


    Please back-up your files.
    For best results use a fresh install of F1 2013
    Replace the included archives in each file
    Drag and drop the F1 2013 archive in your folder at

    C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\userdata\<Your Name>\F1 2013\cars\me2
    (Your install may vary)
    Select Overwrite Files

    Launch your F1 2013

    This skin replaces MERCEDES TEAM livery.
    The livery is NOT 100% accurate because F1-2013 uses a lot of mirroring technics on it´s skins, so it´s very difficult to replace/relocate the logos.

    NOTE: Remember to replace all files included in this MOD for best results.

    Please leave any comments at our site. Enjoy!!!

    Regards, SKYFALL


    1. MERCEDES AMG F1 W07 Hybrid 01.jpg
    2. MERCEDES AMG F1 W07 Hybrid 02.jpg
    3. MERCEDES AMG F1 W07 Hybrid 03.jpg
    4. MERCEDES AMG F1 W07 Hybrid 04.jpg
    5. MERCEDES AMG F1 W07 Hybrid 05.jpg
    6. MERCEDES AMG F1 W07 Hybrid 06.jpg
    7. MERCEDES AMG F1 W07 Hybrid 07.jpg

Recent Reviews

  1. DumBiXXX
    Version: 1.0
    yeah... great work man .... you`re a expert ;-)
    1. SkyFall
      Author's Response
      Thanks Bro. It seems a lot of reviewers gave it 1 star LOL. I wish I could know why? I don´t think it´s perfect either but at least I try. I could make it look like a 2015 model if I import the wireframe from F1-2015...but I´m not sure that is considered "Fair Use" of Codemasters models. Thanks for the positive feedback.
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