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F1 2015 Voice Attack profiles 2

Pre configured voice attack profiles. Use your voice to control the race.

  1. Daniel Lee
    So since we as PC users don't get the voice commmands our console friends get i've gone ahead and created a set of VoiceAttack profiles you can import and use in game.

    The profiles allow you to use the talk to your engineer feature using the external program VoiceAttack.

    VoiceAttack is an external program that runs macros when it registers a voice command. See here for more info : http://www.voiceattack.com/download.aspx

    It is not a free program but in my opinion is extremely reasonably priced for what it offers. There is a time limited trial version available.

    Open voiceattack and under the "profile" drop-down menu, choose import from file. Import all 3 profiles.
    Have F1 2015 running, then in the "send commands to" drop down select Active Window.

    In order for this to work properly you must reconfigure some the quick menu controls in game.
    Head to the options menu, find "Quick menu up,down,left and right" re-assign them to the keyboard W,A,S,D keys.
    W = Up
    D = Right
    S = Down
    A = Left

    Use the command
    "Set <name of session>"
    Where <name of session> is either :
    This will ensure the voice commands perform as expected

    Talk to the engineer (this requires you hold down your configured voice control button in game)
    The commands are the same as the list that appears when you hold down the voice control button.
    For example in qualifying
    Hold the button down and say "inform teammate" and the engineer will reply with the position of your teammate.

    Brake Bias
    -"Brakes forward"
    -"Brakes mid"
    -"Brakes rear"

    -"Downforce down" Lowers the wing setting at pitstop
    -"Downforce mid" Gives a medium amount of downforce at pitstop
    -"Downforce up" Increases downforce at pitstop.

    Fuel Mixture
    -"Fuel rich"
    -"Fuel standard"
    -"Fuel lean"

    Tyre selection
    -"Tyres option"
    -"Tyres prime"
    -"Tyres inter"
    -"Tyres wet"

    Wait until the previous command has finished before giving another one. And most of all enjoy some voice commands :)

Recent Reviews

  1. destinationriver
    Version: 2015-07-10
    Trial version only supports 20 commands :E
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