F1 2014 Tex_Mod V.1.0 Austria 1.1

graphics overhaul for austria

  1. NeffO76
    The austria texturemod in version 1.0 is done.
    The track looks now more like a postcard in 3d. The mainthing in this update are the colours and the light. It shows more natural and more sunny with a bright blue sky Big THX to Robert Keezer that I can use some textures of his trackupdate.
    Whats new? Here are the new features.

    Features of version 1.0

    - new more detailed and more reflecting tarmac
    - more saturated textures
    - more real looking colours for the trees
    - all original sponsors of F1 2014
    - new postprocessing
    - new sky
    - more natural looking buildings
    - more skyhaze
    - new lighting
    - a little new light effect for sponsors

    Bonus of my upcoming graphicsoverhaul for some tracks.

    Install Instructions:

    Unzip the Rar Archiv and make a backup from your original files. You can copy the files tracks, frontend, effects, systems and postprocess in your main gamefolder of F1 2014 than you have the default version that i prefer.
    Default Steam: This can may very.
    C:\program files\Steam\SteamApps\common\F1 2014

    Now have fun. ;):thumbsup: ;);)

    Comment and rate my mod.

    Credits to Codies for F1 2014, Robert Kezer for using some of his textures IGeazoone 16 for his fantastic mod, the modder of the F1 2013 mod insane draw distance, to the community from racedepartment and the german site of F1 Pole Position.

    Screenshots of version 1.0


    1. f1_2014-2016-02-16-01-10-37-22.jpg
    2. f1_2014-2016-02-16-01-10-53-45.jpg
    3. f1_2014-2016-02-16-01-11-00-44.jpg
    4. f1_2014-2016-02-16-01-11-09-87.jpg
    5. f1_2014-2016-02-16-01-11-34-98.jpg
    6. f1_2014-2016-02-16-01-11-51-19.jpg
    7. f1_2014-2016-02-16-01-11-56-19.jpg
    8. f1_2014-2016-02-16-01-11-59-57.jpg
    9. f1_2014-2016-02-16-01-12-11-31.jpg
    10. f1_2014-2016-02-16-01-13-01-38.jpg
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Recent Reviews

  1. Dmitry Sorokin
    Dmitry Sorokin
    Version: 1.1
    Nice Work!
  2. igearzone16
    Version: 1.1
    looks fantastic, at this point my or your textures don't really care if you use what you like, what you are doing is really good, very good use of all the materials. I do like the natural colors.. also do me a favor, if you use my revision 3 or 2 textures. make sure you please specify that in the description. and which ReVision it is!!!! thnx in advance,.. so I know where is what And again. Fantastic Job.. we are gonna have to put your tracks in the final ReVision Simulator Release... I am very impressed , you have improved tremendously over the last month or so.
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