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F1 2014 Cars 3D Models For Photoshop. 1.5

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Guys I decide to make a very quick 3D/2D Templates,including mask and wireframes for all the cars,to help a little more in the skinning,this is my first time doing this type of templates, so if there is a mistake please tell me and I will try to solve it,thanks:).

A little preview here:
Wilmer Chavez
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  1. New Update,1,5.

    The templates now are separately,you can choose 2D/3D,and I included the .3DS file for keyshot...

Latest reviews

Thank you very much! I'm already trying to create my own McLaren skin.
It is not complete, there are only 7 layers in a real 3D model, it has more than 20 layers. I try to work to change the whole car, but I can not do this. It's just to put labels on the car because nothing else
Time to go fishing hahahaha! But really, good job. <3
Fantastic job!! Thanks for sharing, much appreciated. Any chance to get the same for 2015 or 2016?
Wilmer Chavez
Wilmer Chavez
Maybe,but I dont have the game.
Wow, this helps a lot. Amazing template.
This really helps so, so much in skinning! Thank you for this!
Superb quality, Thank you.
awesome thank you
Because i can
Perfect thank you
Very Good
Really Nice! Can you do the same for the Helmets?
You are a legend!!!
very good
nice work buddy! how do i get the wireframe into photoshop dude ?
this is exactly what i needed. great job!
wow...could you edit the missing part on redbull, the one that attached to the front wing
Wilmer Chavez
Wilmer Chavez
That it's the default texture of Codemasters Mate,I didn't change anything.
Wow! Thank you! Is there any possibility to edit the modeling of the cars?
Thank you
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