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F1 2013 RED BULL (Fantasy) 2014-08-09

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so just put the high min into

steam/steamapps/common/f12013/cars/rb2/livery_main and there is no textures low so just copy the textures high to the textures low folder and name it to

plz dont review ! as I cant do anything with any reviews sorry
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Latest updates

  1. Better Renault size

    in the last one the reanault was too big

Latest reviews

If this is the best you can do you might as well give up . Seriously this is one of the worst skins I've ever seen so far.
A simply color and logo change shouldn't be called hard work, and if you can't do any better you should quit skinning or watch some tutorial how to improve because even a child can perform better than you.
Sry for the 1 star but you don't deserve more.
Richárd Gonda
Richárd Gonda
why you even care about my work I ignore you you also ignore me and I did this for fun but you re such a **** I did this for 2013 a long before and now I will go to your mods and give 1stars for no reason as you did it to me!! I didnt ask your opinion and IF YOU DONT LIKE IT THEN GO AWAY! but you surely dont know how to make a morning race in abu dhabi or a night race at malaysia. (I would anwser harder if I wouldnt respect the racedepartment rules)
simple logo color changes dont constitute real original work...
I guess there are loads of skins with a "few" changes, but I would make the Renault logo at the front much narrower than it currently is, and also, is the renault logo on the blurry because of mation blur, or becauseof low-quality logo? I don't really know

I'm also not a big fan of the coloring, at least on a blue/purple car
Richárd Gonda
Richárd Gonda
thanks for star3 finlly not star 1 thanks :)
I totally agree with TheJlfan, sorry Gonda
Richárd Gonda
Richárd Gonda
:( It was really hard work BUT if noone likes it I WONT UPLOAD ANY skins.
Not good at all. It isn't even close to a fictional skin if you just switched the Renault/Total/Driver text and made them bigger, off colour, and low quality. Maybe if you really put time into more detail and putting more originality it would be good enough.
Richárd Gonda
Richárd Gonda
For me its perfect I changed a lot of things switched colours sponsors added and deleted a few sponsors if its not fictional I may renme it to fantasy red bull snd maybe I dont need anyomre 1 stars. Or if anyone else give then make the same better and show it to me
Not really good. Even if you're a newbie this is not the work someone's looking for for a game. This could be better if it was released on April's Fools. I'd recommend to do more skins and upload screenshots to the W.I.P. Thread and ask for feedback, but don't release them until you feel it's good enough to be used by the world.
Richárd Gonda
Richárd Gonda
for me its the best what I can do.

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Richárd Gonda
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