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F1 2009 Season Mod 1.1

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Amazing mod everything works fine, except that I don't know where I'm supposed to put the tracks7z.001/002/003 files, but I'll find where myself. For the one who wants to complete the hairpin test, just stop yourself with the pylon next to the finish line. I know this is a bit "late" as a review but if anyone still wants to use old modes games, you now know how to complete the young driver test.
Doesn't works, crashes without any pop-ups.
Can't do the harpin turn test do you know any fix ?
4. Take the test young drivers, select a team and before the start of the Grand Prix will choose the type of AI, Easy (light), or HARD (heavy) and set the default folder of the game.
the name of the drivers and the teams in the menu and game is incorrect i redownload a lot of times but still 2012. How i can resolve
these instructions are terrible. Could you please tell me what folder i need to extract the files to?
This tyres look awful! Blinding light!
Game crash
the only bug is Felipe Massa helmet on career he is not correct on the game can you correct that?
All correct
For me havent show the car skins. Where are the car skins?
read overview
Virus Free?
Hey man I can't complete the hairpin turn test in the youth driver ****... Got a fix?
Thank you!
Please Made it for 2013
Its really good but if i want to do the kers and drs test i always lose no matter what because i cant yous drs plz help
where is livery_main on cars?
If you take a closer look, you will see the archive with cars, where are the folders livery_main