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F1 1980 SEASON MOD PART 1 1.0

F1 1980 SEASON MOD for F1 2014

  1. Alexanderssen
    20170830221641_1.jpg 20170831152615_1.jpg 20170831170701_1.jpg 20170901003749_1.jpg 20170831171432_1.jpg 20170831194317_1.jpg 20170904212335_1.jpg 20170830221645_1.jpg 20170831152449_1.jpg Hi guys,

    My last season mod for F1 2014. I hope you'll enjoy it ;)


    The mod is only available in english.

Recent Reviews

  1. MANSELL78
    Version: 1.0
    Mod Spattacolare.Volevo fare i miei complimenti all'autore di questa mod
  2. MaxPovesmo
    Version: 1.0
    Hi! Excellent modification! But there is a small flaw,maybe it's just me, but the coloring of the cars Lotus is not displaying correctly. And everything is super!
  3. IAmTheLegendITA
    Version: 1.0
    Some names are bugged (Regazzoni instead of Daly, Tambay instead of Prost...)
    1. Alexanderssen
      Author's Response
      Good names if you switch the language to english. You need to copy/paste the english language file.