EURO STC 2000 / 2001 MOD 1.0

skinpack for the Euopean Super Touring Car Cup 2000 and ESTC 2001

  1. Martin Wessely
    ****FIA EURO SUPER TOURING CAR CUP 2000 Mod**** AND ****FIA European Super Touring Car Championship 2001 Mod****

    FOR RACE07 by Grubenmoppz

    new Version 1.0


    -> Delete The previous version of the mod (otherwise the mod will not work correctly)
    -> You will need Andreas' SUPER TOURING Mod and Biffenh STCC2000 Mod
    -> extract to your race07 directory.


    - added new Honda Accord
    - corrected some cars, logos, talent files and driver helmets and suits

    First of all, thanks to:

    AndreasFSC (for the models and the best mod ever),
    biffenh (STCC Mod 2000),
    oreilyunitedfc (STW Mod97),
    baika (STW Mod98/99)
    Robert (some useful pics)
    SIMBIN for the game!


    Alfa 156 (STCC)
    Alfa 155
    Audi A4 Quattro
    BMW 320i
    Volvo S40
    Nissan Primera Mk3
    Opel Vectra
    Honda Accord II


    ESTC00 - classID 232
    ESTC01 - classID 233


    Nordauto Engineering Alfa Romeo 156
    1 Italy Fabrizio Giovanardi
    2 Italy Nicola Larini
    7 Italy Romana Bernardoni
    8 Italy Gianluca de Lorenzi

    CiBiEmme Engineering BMW 320i
    3 Italy Emanuele Naspetti
    4 Italy Gianni Morbidelli

    AGS Motorsport Audi A4 quattro
    5 Italy Roberto Colciago
    6 Italy Stefano Bonello
    25 Italy Fabrizio de Simone

    Christy's Team BMW 320i
    9 Italy Max Pigoli
    10 Italy Stefano Gabellini

    JAS Engineering Honda Accord
    11 Netherlands Peter Kox
    24 Italy Gabriele Tarquini
    27 United Kingdom David Leslie

    Team Isert BMW 320i
    12 Italy Sandro Sardelli
    26 Venezuela Johnny Cecotto

    Soli Racing Team Alfa Romeo 156
    14 Italy Moreno Soli

    Nath Racing Audi A4 quattro
    15 Italy Guido Lucchetti Cigarini

    National Team Slovakia Audi A4 quattro
    16 Slovakia Andrej Studenic

    Alda Motorsport Audi A4 quattro
    18 Poland Andrzej Dziurka
    Alfa Romeo 155 TS
    21 Poland Maciej Stanco

    Oliver Mayer Motorsport Audi A4 quattro
    19 Germany Oliver Mayer

    Greyhound Motorsport Opel Vectra
    20 Italy Gianluca Roda

    Raceline Racing Team Opel Vectra
    23 Germany Heinrich Symanzick



    Tanasije Kuvalja - AL Lamko Novial BMW 318i,
    Misel Zupancic - Plamtex Sport Olimpija BMW 318i


    Alfa Romeo Team Nordauto Alfa Romeo 156
    1 Italy Fabrizio Giovanardi
    2 Italy Nicola Larini
    3 Italy Romana Bernardoni
    33 France Yvan Muller
    31 Brazil Felipe Massa

    JAS Engineering Italia IP Honda Accord
    4 Italy Gabriele Tarquini
    5 France Fabrice Walfisch
    6 United Kingdom James Thompson

    AGS Motorsport Audi A4 quattro
    7 Italy Roberto Colciago
    8 Italy Max Pigoli
    08 Italy Alberto Radaelli

    Conrero Alfa Romeo 156
    9 Italy Angelo Lancelotti
    10 Italy Enrico Toccacelo

    Greyhound Motorsport Opel Vectra
    11 Italy Gianluca Roda

    Racing Box Audi A4 quattro
    12 Italy Sergio Sambataro

    Raceline Racing Team Opel Vectra
    14 Germany Heinrich Symanzick

    Max Team BMW 320i
    15 Italy Paolo Zadra
    16 France Eric Cayrolle

    PRO Motorsport Nissan Primera
    18 Italy Sandro Sardelli

    Lehtonen Motorsport Audi A4 quattro
    19 Finland Mikko Lempinen

    GDL Racing BMW 320i
    20 Italy Gianluca de Lorenzi
    021 Italy Moreno Soli
    21 Portugal Nelson Clemente
    30 San Marino Stefano Valli

    P.S.G.R. - Nath Racing Audi A4 quattro
    23 Italy Guido Lucchetti Cigarini

    Volvo S40 Racing Team Sweden Volvo S40
    24 Sweden Jan 'Flash' Nilsson
    25 Sweden Jens Edman

    Crawford Nissan Racing Nissan Primera
    26 Sweden Carl Rosenblad
    27 Sweden Marcus Gustafsson

    RJN Motorsport Nissan Primera
    29 United Kingdom Matt Neal

    Brovallen Motorsport Audi A4 quattro
    32 Sweden Tobias Johansson

    CARS MISSING 2001:

    Antonio Materia - Italy Antonio Materia BMW 318i,
    Ettore Bonaldi - Conrero Alfa 156 #10
    Giovanni Gulinelli - Conrero Alfa 156 #10
    Salvatore Deplano - Conrero Alfa 156 #10




    Some cars are not in the Mod, because I didn`t found any pics of them.

    I used a lot of skins from other mods, such as STCC00 (by biffenh), BTCC Mods (by Andreas), STW98/99 (by baika) and STW 97 (by oreilyunitedFC) and edited them, so that they look like the cars in the ESTC2000/2001. Some other skins are done by my own completely.

    Because there are nearly no fotos found in the Web I did a lot of Logos by myself and I also got no idea how the real racingsuits/helmets look like, so they are just fantasy. So the cars may not as accurate as in the other ST Mods, but I wanted to share them anyway.

    Also these are no pro-high quality skins, because I used PAINT.NET - maybe someone wants to improve them, feel free to do so.

    So Feel free to use my talent-files and textures if you want to!

    Hope you like it!

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  1. Marc Majnes
    Marc Majnes
    Version: 1.0
    nice collectio
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