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Estering RX V0.8

Rallycross Track

  1. Road_Runner
    Estering racetrack is a permanent Rallycross track Buxtehude set 35 km southwest of Hamburg .

    Length: 952 m
    Length of paved Pits Straight : 125 m
    Track surface : 60 % asphalt and 40 % Dirt
    Track width : 10 to 16 meters
    Maximum number of starters : 10 vehicles

    Multiplayer Server: A ! - ! by.BeStStar+Skunk Admin Zenta TS

    Have fun


    1. acs 2015-12-19 15-56-12-572.jpg
    2. acs 2015-12-19 15-58-11-434.jpg
    3. acs 2015-12-19 15-58-36-510.jpg
    4. acs 2015-12-19 16-00-30-573.jpg
    5. acs 2015-12-19 16-00-58-876.jpg
    6. acs 2015-12-19 16-02-04-202.jpg

Recent Reviews

  1. Edivad82
    Version: V0.8
    Very fun! AI works good!
  2. thewarmer
    Version: V0.8
    My local RX track that I have not visited yet . since moving to Hamburg.
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