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Enhanced rain scenes 3

For rainy days

  1. Winner
    Mod for more dramatic visual effects. You can try on a track see if you like it. Just replace the weather_fx.xml in the chosen track folder. Some tracks like Istanbul will have greater differences.

    In case you want to have better visibilty, I have included a new RainBeads_textures.pssg file which has only token raindrops on the screen. There is also a clear screen ppsg file; just rename it accordingly if you want no raindrop screen.

Recent Reviews

  1. ai driver
    ai driver
    Version: 3
    This realistic in play. Storm mod by vlasovas dramatic in replay.
  2. Hawaiian Guy
    Hawaiian Guy
    Version: 3
    No preview pictures and the video preview was very poor quality video for this modern year in 2013.
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