Driver Name Display Overhaul 1.0

Improves the standard Driver Name Display (a bit rfactor style)

  1. Stadtaffe

    I present you my Drivername Display improvement i made some time ago. Just a simple mod.
    I didnt liked the names so close to the cars so i decided to edit the symbol above the car and made the font a bit smaller. In Singleplayer the symbol is red and in multiplayer green ( to be honest i dont know what this exactly means, maybe Ai in red and real driver green? )
    If you like to change the size, feel free to edit the system/cfg/name_displayer.ini.

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Recent Reviews

  1. Tom Blackett
    Tom Blackett
    Version: 1.0
    Great mod, forgot to say thanks the first time I d/l.
  2. Emmanuel Ricatti
    Emmanuel Ricatti
    Version: 1.0
    i like it, looks better that the default and makes the game looks better in that aspect

    as for the color in MP, Red = ping over 200+, Yellow 100-200 ping, green under 100

    keep the good work