Dragon Trail AI Revisions plus Background Images

Dragon Trail AI Revisions plus Background Images v2

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At the request of one of my colleagues, I revised the ai that I did for nobody for Dragon Trail. AI should be a little more aggressive through the chicane, hopefully without sacrificing safety. YMMV. I've submitted the update to nobody, but not sure if he will update anytime soon, so I'm uploading it here for the time being.

Included are some photos I took and added them to the UI.


Please see readme inside download for install instuctions.

Have fun,

Latest reviews

Now I can finally clench my cheeks whilst battling AI side-by-side into the portal to the Shadow Realm itself, the Chicane of Death.

Awesome. I always appreciate your AI updates!
Could you do the AI for Camino Viejo de Montserrat also please?
Excellent stuff Kev! No more cheap cheesing of the AI through the Chicane Of Brown Undercrackers.
Top job sir!

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