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Double Capacity: Extra Boost KERS 0.9

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Same mod as was requested last year,
since it was downloaded several hundred times I thought I'd do it for F1 2013 again

So, here we are:

  1. Add an extra 599 kJ of KERS capacity to the existing F1 KERS battery. It will total the charge capacity to 999 kJ for all cars, giving you more KERS power to use around each lap.
  2. Increase the power boost from 60 kW (80.4 HP) to 80 kW (approximately 100 HP) each time the button is pressed, giving an extra kick to the acceleration of the car.
This also includes KERS added to the teams with no KERS yet. The power is recharged each time you start a new lap. This mod will not adversely affect the performance of the cars in any way whatsoever, and there is no extra weight added due to the larger battery as well. Simply copy the files over the existing ones in the Cars folder, it will replace the existing *.ctf files. I did not test it (no time) it could be you need to tick "has_kers" for the teams with no KERS yet in the database.

KERS is also added to Brands and Jerez (you can replace the files with default if you do not want so, was too lazy to skip them, haha).
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It increases the power of the kers but it reduces its duration. I can't fix this problem either :(
Doesn't seem to work? KERs doesn't last any longer with this applied. I only applied changes to one car tho. I really hope this doesn't work online.
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