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Dodge Viper GTS Sonic Allstars (Venom URD_EGT Mod) 1.0

No permission to download
Nice skin !
Excellent !
What a nice and beautiful work ;-) !!!
Though I don't own the URD mod (can't buy it due to server issues??) I still want to give this a 5 star rating, this car is made for this skin!! Looks awesome. Reminds of a Belgian or British Viper racing team in a "lower" GT competition and I always loved it, so a bit of nostalgic feeling when seeing this skin :-)
Awesome great job, thanks mate !
this model is seriously under skinned......thanks for the great skins.
You're welcome. I'm going to do a few more I think. We need more Vipers.
awesome we needed more skins for urd mods as well.
Cheers, Already working on more URD stuff.