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Dodd's RF2 Audio Overhaul 1.4

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What is this?

This is a sound configuration for RF2 users. It improves the sound balance over the vanilla game and adds a few enhancements.

The audio engine is pretty good in RF2 but it seems that the audio mix hasn't seen any love for a long time.

Here's what this config does:
  • Kerb audio reacts properly to speed.
  • Small changes to tyre sound calculation gives better slip angle queue.
  • Audio mix changed to closely match real cockpit.
  • Reverb brings tracks to life.
  • Other minor tweaks.
How do I use it?

1. Exit RF2 if it is open already.

2. Copy all the text from the attached file and paste it over the "Sound Options" section in your player.JSON in rFactor 2\UserData\player. Save the file.

3.All Done.

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Latest updates

  1. Curb correction and reverb tweaked

    I found a compatibilbity issue with some 3rd party content because of the slightly different way...

Latest reviews

im using it on and off but it does increase road noise a lot.

some cars sound unpleasant to me at high speed, originally thought it was
wind noise but just did some experimenting by driving on and off track and it
is definitely tire noise.

not sure what value i should alter or what to alter it too?
Amazing work. Thanks a lot for improving this sound engine.
briliant mod, you have the feeling!
Much improved sounds over vanilla, thanks
I like it. Anyway, having a sound engineer like dalber24 it would be nice for him to give sDodd some tips about why this is wrong and help him improve the tweak.
I like it. Will this work online?
Yeh there's no reason for it not to work online.
Just tried it and i really like it. I gave just a little bit more engine volume, but this depends on the car, i guess. I agree that the default sounds of Studio397 are quite unbalanced.
Thank you Frank. Your right about engine sounds - the volume is something that can be tweaked for each car as it depends how loud the developer made the engine audio for each vehicle. E.g The Mclaren GT3 is a good benchmark average, the NSX is extremely quiet, whereas the C7 GT3 is very loud. This may be an attempt to represent the comparative loudness experienced between the real vehicles, however due to the many different vehicle builders, it's most likely arbitrary and should be tweaked by the user.
better sound than vanilla
Working with sound is not your thing, you could try 3D modeling
dalber24 set their occupation to Sound Engineer.

Today at 02:06
Like it:)
Great job!!! Thank you!!!
nice addition to the game
Excellent work, final version a nice improvement over others
Du bon boulot bravo
I really liked the new experience it gave, it has really enhanced up the game. However, setting up a bit more of engine noise (20% I think) made the experience even nicer. WD
Works for me, nice improvement.