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DiRTier Mod 1.4

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This is a really realistic mod even in this version but with some small improvements this will be perfect and a "most have"!
There's always room for improvement, thanks for your comment!
Hello Friend!!!! good to see you here too this mod is a super realistic wonder this game has made it much more real
Glad you enjoy it, thanks for letting me know!
is seems like such a little thing but the impact is great.
omg this is great thanks
very nice mod
Very nice mod,makes the game more realistic !
very nice :) Can you do it for Dirt 3
Thanks for your yomment, unfortunately I don't own DiRT3 so I'm afraid there's nothing I can about it :/
Very cool mod mate, gives more immersion thank you :)
Just perfect for me with 2.0 or 2.5. It's one of the best mod for me.
Great job and thx very much for the work !
You ready for Sweden? ^^
Bring on the snow I say ;)
Thanks mate!
Fantastic and incredible how a small change doing on the real feeling on driving rally...I dont have words to you...is a incredible improvement for this simulator. Thanks
Without this mod dirt rally wouldn't be much as a rally experience this makes it wow really pat yourself on the back dude id buy you a beer if i could seriously well done Its a must have mod 10/10
Beer tasted great, thanks a bunch ;)
I love this mod, after some experimentation, I decided to stick with extreme option, it reminds me of DiRT 2 when car get so muddy after race, thanks for this mod. :)
outstanding. genius. legend! massive immersion factor - thanks!
Thank you!
Simple yet effective these kinds of mods are called attention to detail. Thanks!
Very useful mod, i like it, thanks
Great mod! Now it really looks like real rally where there is dirt even on your ear.

Although I dont play outside cameras to see it all the time, my girlfriend does and she loved it!