Dashboard Camera's 1.2.5

Camera's that take advantage of the on board effects while also giving you improved visibility

  1. WagnumPI
    To install simply unzip the file and replace the cars folder;
    My Documents/Assetto Corsa/cfg/cars

    Please review if its been of use to you :)

    ***Please note I personally use a FOV of 56 for this which for my settings are optimum. If you use something considerably different you may need to adjust the camera's somewhat. Please also note I have just moved the in car camera location for each car to one that i find most useful while driving. I have not altered one of the other cameras. This is fairly easy to do but doing it for every car was very time consuming so thought it would be useful to others if this view appeals to them. If you prefer the default setting it is as easy as clicking a button to return it back to its original state***

    Although the car interiors are a thing of beauty in this game, I've always felt that car games never give you as good a visibility as real life when you have the standard in car view unless you are very fortunate to have a three screen setup that can be placed very close to your driving position. This is due to the fact that in real life you can see all around you while in a game all you can see is a rectangle of sight which for most people cannot be placed that close to your face and therefore in comparison to reality you are hindered somewhat.

    With this in mind the standard bonnet cam perhaps improves the amount you can see but then it has a fixed FOV, feels too far forward and all of the nice extras from the in car camera are lost such as the camera shake and windshield reflections. With my camera positions you get all the nice things from the in car view (in my opinion anyway) plus get better visibility of the road as you would in reality.
    Fortunately due to the fact the detail in this game is so good, the dashboards still look incredible close up plus with the fantastic "Real Head Motion" mod if set on subtle settings, you can get some truly stunning gameplay while not being hindered by the lack of what you can't see.

    If you were wondering what filter I use, it's my own and you can download from here;

    If you want Real Head Motion as well here is a link to MagicFr's website;
    Please note there were complications with it working after the 64bit update so please read over the forum on Assettocorsa.net to get it up and running. Alternatively you can just revert the game back to 32bit mode in the menu to get the desired effect if you dont fancy reading through the forum.

    With RHM also being used;

    And without RHM;


    1. 2016-01-24_00002.jpg
    2. 2016-01-24_00004.jpg
    3. 2016-01-24_00005.jpg
    4. 2016-01-24_00009.jpg

Recent Reviews

  1. somake
    Version: 1.2.5
    you're my hero! ahah
    as i drive in bonnet cam it's really better
    as you say on board vue is great but not to drive properly just for fun and as we have extern dashboard, wheel, shifter and world around us change nothing to immersion in cockpit or bonnet cam.

    great work and keep the good way
    you should open a thread on assetto corsa forum it will be great talking about that and change perspective of cockpit addict

  2. wazzzaa
    Version: 1.2
    Hi and thank you for the cam mod.
    Unfortunatelly RHM doesn't seem to work while using the tweaked bonnet cam.
    any idea?
    1. WagnumPI
      Author's Response
      The camera adjustments are actually to the in car camera rather than the bonnet cam. Ive just moved it to the dashboard so its in a similar place to the bonnet cam but inside the car. Go to that camera and it should work. If not then you need to read the forum about how to get RHM to work as the 64bit change over caused some complications so unless they have updated it recently there's a few extra files you have to download to get it to work.
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